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Make Traveling a Breeze by Shipping your Luggage

Avoid the hassle of carrying luggage through the airport and the hefty airline fees charged for each item. Start your vacation early by shipping your baggage directly to their resort, hotel or cruise ship.*

ship golf clubs
Shiping snowboard equiment
worry-free shipping

Play the golf course, not the concourse.

Unless you're traveling with a personal caddy, traveling with golf clubs can be a pain. Let us ship everything directly to your hotel or resort and make tee time easy.*


Hit the slopes stress-free by shipping your skiing or snowboarding equipment.

Ship your snowboards, skis, poles and boots so you can skip the lines at the oversize baggage area. The faster you can strap your board or skis to your feet, the happier you'll be.


Rent a car you'll enjoy without worrying about cargo space.

Large bags can mean having to rent a larger vehicle and traveling with several large bags can require a MUCH larger vehicle, so by shipping your luggage to your destination and back again, you can probably save money on your rental vehicle and get a car you'll enjoy.


Once your travel gear is in our hands, you can relax, knowing you'll be ready to hit the beach, golf course or ski area the minute you arrive.

*Hotels might charge a handling fee to hold and secure luggage.

How to Ship Your Luggage

  1. Bring luggage to our Lafayette Shipping Center at least 3 days prior to your trip.

  2. We'll carefully secure your belongings and ship them directly to your destination.

  3. When you're ready to return home, pack your belongings into the same box they arrived in, and attach the prepaid return shipping label.

  4. Drop off your luggage at the front desk or hotel concierge.

  5. Your luggage will be shipped back home.

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